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Fiduciary, suitability who cares? Let’s be honest, most of us hear those words and they have very little meaning, but there is a distinction that is important. One engenders trust the other allows for doubt, do you know which?

For most people, trust is the primary guide when choosing someone to help with your financial decisions. Trust is not built on the words fiduciary or suitability. Trust is built on a relationship, getting to know another person and their aspirations and needs. This is how you typically find a person to help guide you to make important decision about your future. The philosophy and structure of the advisors company should also be considered. Do they have a structure that supports the type of relationship you seek? One that promotes working in the your best interest? You may have a great relationship with that person but the company they work for compensates them in a way that motivates a division in that trust.


We hold ourselves to a fiduciary standard for the advice we provide to our clients. This means we are always acting in their best interest. Through our combined decades of experience in providing personalized financial solutions, we are able to enhance the level of security our clients are seeking.

We specialize in fee-only comprehensive wealth management that is founded on a holistic approach to financial planning and investment management. Our obligation is to shield our clients from making errors in their investment and financial planning decisions. Our focus is on educating our clients on their options and helping them recognize their goals and opportunities.

To learn more please complete our preliminary questionnaire, and we will contact you to schedule a complimentary discovery meeting.

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