Investing in a Globally Diversified Portfolio

What types of opportunities are out there in terms of investing?

The potential for creating wealth is not just in the United States stock and bond market, but in markets around the world. The image below depicts the world according to the size of each country's stock market relative to the world's total market value.

Why would you ignore 48% of the opportunities available for stock investing?

Rising household incomes, natural resources, more opportunities for education. These are some of the factors that are driving global growth. And, if you’re only investing in US companies, they represent opportunities you may be missing. By investing solely in the US, you are excluding over 75% of the global economy and over half of the world’s stock market value.

So if this is how people SHOULD invest...Why would an investor choose to ignore almost half of the opportunities available to them?

We provide global portfolios that offer a disciplined, diversified and low-cost approach that is valuable to a broad range of investor risk profiles. Just as an athletic trainer will help you move out of your comfort zone and push you harder to see better results, we help our clients move just out of their comfort zone. It is important to take some risks you wouldn’t normally take, with the guidance of a trusted advisor. In the long run, we believe, those risks may benefit your long term financial health.

To learn more on science-based investment strategies, contact Private Wealth Management Group.

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