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Scammers Out for Stimulus Checks

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

The Coronavirus has required a major shift in our daily lives and have left many a little anxious. Most people I have spoken to have been upbeat, perhaps a little concerned about the current state of affairs, but optimistic that we will come together and in the end our resiliency will once again prevail. 

I have been inspired by the collective good that seems to have emerged around the world (check out Some Good News), but unfortunately, we need to be weary of unscrupulous individuals that take advantage of people. Our very own,  Dan Satz, MS, CFP® CRPC®, AWMA® found a recent article from the IRS about scams regarding economic stimulus checks. You can read the full article by clicking this link: IRS.Gov - Scams to look out for or you can go to the site on your own and there is a section regarding these items under News

Fraudulent emails and calls are a much-used technique by scammers and anyone can be a target.  I have been receiving phone calls stating that I could receive a refund for my 3rd party utility under the guise that they “accidentally” overcharged my family. I personally have some fun with these calls, but it really angers me, because I know many people will become a victim of these malicious characters. 

We know you have been hearing multiple warnings to be cautious and protect your health by following the CDC guidelines. Now, we would also encourage you to be vigilant with protecting your personal identification. 


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