You Cannot Predict the Future

How do many people invest?

There are many investors out there who claim they are able to predict the future. Some might not say it outright, but their actions indicate that is exactly what they are trying to do. Some investors choose to move all of their money in and out of stocks and bonds at the right time. Others try to choose the next best performing industry, such as technology, and focus all their investments in one area. Worse still, some try and move in and out of stocks on a daily basis!

Acting on emotional impulses, listening to the media, and trying to time the market are ingredients for an unstable portfolio strategy. A prediction about an uncertain future is just an opinion, and it should not determine anyone's investment decision. Many people learn this the hard way.

Our investment strategy is based in Nobel Prize winning research that incorporates global diversification, asset allocation, portfolio rebalancing and tax management to maintain a long term course of action for achieving the financial goals of our clients.

To learn more on science-based investment strategies, contact Private Wealth Management Group.

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