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Our Team

Robert B. Dunn, CFP®

President, Managing Partner

Daniel H. Satz, CFP®, MPAS®
Wealth Manager

Brenden Leese, CFP®
Associate Wealth Advisor

Kathleen Biesiadecki

Office Manager

Sean Kelly
Client Services Associate

Ryan M. Vogel, CFP®

Chief Planning Officer, Partner

Ryan A. Dunn, CFP®
Wealth Manager

Devin Starr, CFP®
Associate Wealth Advisor

Candace Henry

Client Experience Coordinator

Newry Bannish
Client Services Associate

Mario Nardone, CFA®

Chief Investment Consultant

At Novi Wealth Partners, we believe that you should focus not on money, but what money can do for you and for your loved ones. You may not have the time and comprehensive knowledge to plan your financial future, but we do. Contact us to schedule a complimentary Discovery Meeting today.


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