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Reopening Our Office and Our New Normal

Updated: May 26, 2022

You are receiving this communication because we have been contemplating the best way to adjust to the dynamics we face with the ever present Covid-19 pandemic. We would enjoy the opportunity to return to the wonderful personal interactions with clients, employees, and other professionals, but we have much to consider. 

The presence of the virus continues to challenge us in many ways, and we are a resilient bunch during these unprecedented times. Our resiliency does not absolve us of necessary precautions. We still have many elements to consider before moving forward with a reopening plan, such as physical health, mental health, financial stability, social interaction, and physical activity. These are some broad aspects of what has been impacted by this invisible invader. We are using these broad elements to evaluate our ability to return to normal. 

Our first priority is the welfare of employees and clients. For a long time, we have expressed that our greatest wealth is health. It is no different in this situation. We are concerned for the wellbeing of the people that make Novi Wealth great; the employees, and the amazing people and families that choose to work with us. There are many viewpoints about the dangers of this virus. We are following the adage, better safe than sorry. 

For most, we established our relationship face to face. This is always preferred because of the energy and awareness that is present. We would prefer to have that as an option, but we want to avoid jeopardizing everyone’s health with a face to face meeting. And again, without your health, what good is wealth? Our purpose and values have not changed in light of the pandemic, just some changes to how we interact. 


What will it look like going forward?

We have been prepared for remote work for years. Normally it would be for a snowstorm or, other weather-related threats and, would be short lived. Because of this, we were prepared to deliver our services from a remote location when it became apparent that Covid – 19 was a threat. It is not ideal, but it continues to serve all our stakeholders, while addressing fears and concerns for one’s physical safety caused by the virus. Currently, we intend to minimize any person to person exposure. We have decided that most of our interactions will be via Zoom, phone, portal (, email, and mail.

Leveraging those means of communication, we will do everything possible to provide you the peace of mind about your financial preparedness you have come to expect. If circumstances warrant, we are considering in person meetings, one day a week, with one person from the Novi Wealth team. Any additional meeting participants will be brought in via video conference. These will be very limited exceptions, with final say delegated to Novi Wealth team members. If an employee does not feel safe with personal contact, and an in person meeting is absolutely necessary, another person will sit in for the employee.

General protocols for in-person meetings are provided below. Any additional instruction, as well as review of the guidelines posited here, will be shared prior to any in-person meeting. 

Novi Wealth Guidelines for Person to Person Meetings

  • The exterior door will be locked. Please call the office [609.921.7002] upon arrival upon arrival, and a team member will let you in.

  • Masks must be worn for the duration of your visit.

  • Temperatures of all visitors will be taken at the entrance with non-contact thermometers. If you have a fever over 100.4°F, your meeting will be rescheduled.

  • Please make sure to clean your hands with hand sanitizers available at the office.

  • You will be directed to the either head of our conference table, Novi Wealth employee will be at the opposite end to ensure enough safe space between meeting attendees.

  • Only water will be available in disposable cups for consumption.

Please review your health for these symptoms prior to the meeting. If any are present, please contact the office. We can make other arrangements for the meeting, either video or rescheduling.

○ Fever greater than 100.4

○ Runny nose

○ Nausea or vomiting

○ Sore throat

○ Cough

○ Diarrhea

○ Shortness of breath

○ Weakness or malaise

○ Headache

○ New loss of taste or smell

These measures may seem extreme to some; please know that we do not take this decision lightly. This impacts the culture of our firm and the mental health for both clients and employees; we are hoping our lifestyles can get back to normal sooner rather than later. Please feel free to contact Robert Dunn, CFP® or Ryan Vogel, CFP® to discuss any concerns you have with the arrangement.


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