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Summer, Sun, and New People at Novi

We are welcoming the summer and two new people at Novi Wealth Partners: Devin Starr our, new Associate Wealth Advisor and Thomas Reid, our Summer Intern. I took a few minutes to talk to each gentleman, to help you get to know them.

Thomas is an rising senior at University of Richmond in Richmond, VA. He is a Business Administration Major with a concentration Finance, along with a history minor. The combination is unique, but he believes the past is the best way to learn and prepare for the future and history is the best source to do just that.

Two is better than one, so we have a double dose of new. Devin Starr is joining our Advisor Team as an Associate Wealth Advisor. He has been working in the financial industry since completing the Financial Planning curriculum through New York University. He passed the CFP exam in March 2022 and is working on completing the final requirements for his CFP certification. Devin’s fiduciary outlook on financial planning makes him a great fit for our team. Read more about Devin here!


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